What is FireTraX®?

FireTraX® is an integrated set of software applications designed and developed by National Fire Solutions to manage the on-going maintenance and support of Fire Safety Equipment installed at client sites.

FireTraX® is specifically designed to ensure that the maintenance of fire protection and safety equipment is carried out according to contracted arrangements and in full compliance of the relevant Authorised Standards.

All parties responsible for the maintenance of fire protection and related safety equipment are under increasing pressure to ensure that all such maintenance is not only carried out in a cost effective and timely manner, but that accurate and accountable records are maintained and readily available.

What does FireTraX® do?

  • The system uses pre-defined maintenance requirements as per the relevant current standards.
  • It records information on all sites; the fire safety equipment installed at each site and the contracted levels of maintenance.
  • It records and tracks the assets that make up individual fire safety products and systems.
  • FireTraX® will generate and track Service Call Requests, both for ad-hoc calls as well as scheduled maintenance activities and inspections.
  • The system allows authorised users to view, maintain and plan schedules for planned maintenance activities and inspections.
  • It will produce electronic inspection sheets for any site with a current defects list.
  • It records the results of all maintenance and inspection activities including who carried out the inspection, when it was done and details of any faults or deficiencies found.
  • On demand it will generate Service Requests for the correction of faults found during maintenance and inspection activities.
  • It produces detailed and summary reports on all maintenance and inspection activities suitable for use by both management and clients.
  • It generates on demand full accountability and verification reports for issue to clients, property owners, insurers and fire authorities.
  • It produces complete and comprehensive defect reports for all fire safety products installed and under maintenance agreement.
  • It supports the integration of handheld data capture devices for use by field personnel. These handheld devices are used to record ad-hoc service, planned maintenance and other on-site activities.
  • FireTraX® will issue Annual Fire Safety Inspection Certificates, as well as Certified Test Station Certificates in accordance with relevant standards.

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