Being prepared in the event of an emergency is essential for organisations.  Whether it be a fire, bomb threat, flood or civil unrest, having trained staff who can respond quickly, calmly and competently in emergency situations is critical and can potentially save lives. 

Workplaces have an obligation to ensure staff are trained to the appropriate Standards AS 3745 (Planning for emergencies in facilities) and AS 4083 (Planning for emergencies – health care facilities) and are encouraged to provide evacuation training and materials for all employees. 

National Fire Solutions (NFS) has now introduced five key training courses to help workplaces comply with their staff training requirements.  Each course is designed to meet a range of needs and has been developed in line with the various state and territory rules and regulations.

The five NFS training courses include:

  • Chief and Deputy Chief Warden Training
  • Warden Refresher Training
  • Evacuation Exercise
  • Staff Awareness of Evacuation Procedures
  • Workplace Fire Extinguisher Training

Chief and Deputy Chief Warden Training covers the practical use of emergency warning and communication systems.  It not only outlines duties and responsibilities but also includes how to coordinate the operations of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to help safeguard endangered persons.

Warden Refresher Training provides wardens with a review of procedures and reinforcement of previous training sessions including review of procedures, structure and duties of the ECO, familiarisation tour of a typical site and bomb threats.

Evacuation Exercise covers the practical assessment of the ECO and awareness of general staff.  The exercise also includes a risk assessment of the premises, briefing and debriefing sessions.

Staff Awareness of Evacuation Procedures is a theoretical awareness session that covers the response of employees to an emergency in the workplace.  It also educates staff about the emergency procedures within their building

Workplace Fire Extinguisher Training is a combination of theory and practical training to educate participants about state and territory fire safety regulations.  The course also provides participants with operational techniques for using fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels to put out a live or simulated fire. 

NFS training courses are conducted across Victoria and can also be tailored to suit each individual organisation.  For more information, call 1300 791 586.

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