The maintenance of fire protection equipment is a critical life safety requirement for facility managers and building owners. However, with extensive compliance and reporting obligations, the process can be overwhelming and time intensive, especially when you’re managing multiple sites.

Using smart technology to automatically track and manage service and maintenance activities is the key to streamlining this process. While technology can never replace human intuition and management, it can help to reduce the cost and time associated with managing maintenance schedules, activities, records and reports. Automating record-keeping elements and storing information online can also help to reduce the risk of human error or misplaced paperwork. 

Those responsible for selecting a fire protection provider are urged to closely consider the reporting systems available to assist with managing the on-going maintenance and support of fire safety equipment.

At National Fire Solutions, we use a specifically designed system called FireTrax to keep customers abreast of maintenance and servicing activities and issues on their sites. Each of our technicians uses a handheld PDA to keep a record of all on-site activities.  This information is then synced to a secure online platform for customers to access via a log-in. The system uses pre-defined maintenance requirements (as laid out by relevant current standards) to monitor compliance.

For those responsible for fire safety, this smart fire maintenance technology helps to:

Keep track of installed equipment

Access up-to-date records of installed fire safety equipment across multiple sites and your contracted levels of maintenance.

Manage maintenance schedules online

View, plan and change maintenance schedules online quickly and easily. You can log and track service call requests, so you know when to expect the technician and when the job has been completed.

Take the stress out of record keeping

Keep a log of up-to-date and accurate records which can be accessed at any time:

  • Electronic inspection sheets and a current defects list for all sites
  • Results of all maintenance and inspection activities, including the technician’s name, date of inspection and any faults or deficiencies identified

Initiate a rapid response to faults or issues

If faults are found during routine maintenance activities, our technicians can generate service requests on-the-spot, providing peace of mind that issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Simplify reporting

Log on to download up-to-date, accurate reports and certificates as you need them:

  • Summary reports to present to management
  • Full accountability and verification reports for clients, property owners, insurers and fire authorities
  • Defect reports for all fire safety products installed and under maintenance agreement
  • Annual Fire Safety Inspection Certificates and Certified Test Station Certificates (in accordance with relevant standards)

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